Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition Technology helps Casino/Club venues to increase revenues

For Club/Casino industry, it is important to keep customers coming back. Improve Customer Services, especially VIP customer services play the key factor to add value to your balance sheet. Bear that in mind, Becas designed and developed Facial Recognition system, named BeSmart-FACE. Our aim is to develop cost-effective but high performance and highly scalable face recognition system that can be used in wide range of applications such as Hotel, Resort, Club and Casino to recognize VIP customers or unwanted visitors.

BeSmart-FACE can be integrated into a wide range of video equipment and with a smart software algorithm tested and improved over years that can recognize faces with very high accuracy.

BeSmart-FACE can work as stand-alone system or integrate with BeSmart Staff Notification System to notify staff who carry any smart devices (IOS/Android phones and tablets), DECT phone, or RF Pager when there’s a matching of VIP member or unwanted visitor face against the saved images of that person in database.

BeSmart-FACE when used with venue loyalty system can helps venue operator improve customer services like provide special services for VIP members, special offers of a date based on DOB of members present at venue on their birthday, etc.