Smart Surveillance with Facial/License Plate Recognition Technology

Perhaps everyone now a days talking about AI revolution. With massive amounts of computational power, computers can now recognize objects and its behaviours in real time. Artificial intelligence is finally getting smart. Becas’s software development team would not want to be left behind in this revolution. Becas had worked hard on R&D, particularly Computer Vision Software Technology in the last several years to develop two brand new products BecasFACE (Becas Facial Recognition System) and BecasALPR (Becas License Plate Recognition System) and schedule to launch the products in second quarter of 2019.

Facial Recognition Technology helps Casino/Club venues to increase revenues

Facial recognition technology (“FRT”) is a form of biometric solutions, measures and matches the unique characteristics for the purposes of identification or authentication. It analyzes unique physical features and compares them to an existing database in the least intrusive and fastest form of biometric verification.

FRT is the game changing technology that helps implement CRM tasks so easy like never before, the venues gain more VIP patrons. On the other hand, FRT can early detect the black list and notify security to prevent damages down the line.

Our aim is to develop cost-effective but high performance and highly scalable face recognition system that can be used in wide range of applications such as Hotel, Resort, Club,  Casino, Office building to recognise VIP customers or blacklist visitors.

BecasFACE can be integrated into a wide range of IP video equipment and with a smart software algorithm tested and improved over years that can recognize faces with very high accuracy. BecasFACE can detect and recognize faces against a database of over 3000 images in just tens milliseconds.

BecasFACE can work as stand-alone system or integrate with BeSmart Staff Notification System to notify staff who carry any smart devices (IOS/Android phones and tablets), DECT phone, SIP phone, or RF Pager when there’s a matching of VIP member or unwanted visitor face against the saved images of that person in database.

BecasFACE when used with venue loyalty system can helps venue operator improve customer services like provide special services for VIP members, special offers of a date based on DOB of members present at venue on their birthday, etc.

BecasALPR is a Smart Car Park Management System using License Plate Recognition Technology

BecasALPR helps hotel/casino/club/office building venues manage car park access control effectively using Computer Vision Software Technology. BecasALPR able to interface directly with venue’s existing Boomgate Controller and IP camera installed at each car park gate.


BecasALPR verifies the car plate against the database and grant or deny access to the car park, it also can send notification in case of VIP car recognized. The system also allows manual control of boom gate in case of the car number plate failed to recognized.

BecasALPR can be used as complete car park management system, it’s a ticket-less system and no need to swipe or tap any cards. BecasALPR can be used in wide range car park applications like Airport, Car rental, Office Building, Resort/Casino/Hotel/Club VIP and member car park, etc.

BecasALPR is a cost effective solution as it can interface to your existing IP cameras and Boom Gate controllers, no expensive cameras required.