System Integration

Becas designs and builds customized embedded systems

Becas has more than 15 years in design and develop customized embedded systems in wide range of industrial applications: Datalogger, Remote Data Acquisition and Monitoring System, Staff Notification System, Factory Alarm monitoring system, Facial Recognition system, etc.

Followings is the list of best selling Becas Embedded Systems:

Nurse Call Paging System


Nurse Call System (NCS) is the system that integrates the hospital bed call buttons to the medical assistant staff (like doctors and nurses) when patient need helps. NCS system includes bed call buttons that hardwired (as dry contact inputs) to the Nurse Call Room Controller (NCR). The  NCR connect to local LAN network and registered all bed call buttons to the NCS.  The NCS will queue up all the calls and send the calls out to pagers, DECT phone, smart watches in the base of FIFS (First In First Serve).

Forecourt Controller for Fuel/Petrol Station


Becas Forecourt Controller (BFC) can interface to most of fuel dispensers in the market such as Tatsuno, Gilbarco, SOMO, Tominaga, Hongyang, Lanfeng, DongHwa, etc. BFC integrates to POS system BecasPOS that can register all the fuel transactions, change the fuel price remotely, printout Tax invoice for each transaction. BecasPOS support the interface of RFID, NFC prepaid card, phone payment apps.etc. BecasPOS new feature that interface to ANPR (Auto Number Plate Recognition) allows auto refuel with the registered account payment.