Wireless Communication (Integrated Voice & Text)

DECT Phone – Cost effective and reliable voice communication in your workplace

kirk wireless

Becas offers a simple all-in-one IP DECT solution that enables your employees to stay in contact with colleagues or customers wherever they are within the business premises.

Integrated Voice and Text messages

Becas offers BeSmart Unified Communication Server that can integrate smoothly with Polycom Kirk DECT phone system to provide text messaging on the DECT phone handsets.

Cost-Effective Business Wireless

The Polycom® KIRK® Wireless Server 300 system is a single-cell solution supporting up to 12 wireless users and four simultaneous calls, making it an excellent choice for small to medium-sized businesses. Companies with a number of small offices can easily offer mobility to their employees by installing the KIRK Wireless Server 300 solution at each location. Call-handling can be managed by a local or centralized IP SIP PBX. Up to six KIRK Repeaters can be subscribed to the KIRK Wireless Server 300 solution, providing a number of advantages, such as the: Ability to cover a larger area, compared to other single-cell solutions  Flexibility to handle complex coverage requirements Scalability to extend coverage after initial deployment

Small and Medium-sized Business Benefits

In its basic version, the infrastructure of the KIRK Wireless Server 300 solution consists of the server itself and KIRK Handsets, wherefore it is very easily installed. The solution can be expanded with up to six KIRK Repeaters for greater geographical coverage. The KIRK Wireless Server 300 solution is ideal as a hosted solution since it comes with the capability for provisioning configuration, firmware, and wireless users. The simple installation and the ability to run as a hosted solution specifically addresses the needs of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) because it allows these to benefit from a high-quality wireless voice system without complex management and administration requirements. In addition, the KIRK Wireless Server 300 solution integrates with all handsets from the KIRK Handset portfolio. Thus, allowing all users to be equipped with a handset that meets their exact business needs and requirements. The KIRK Wireless Server 300 solution is therefore suited for SMBs in a wide range of vertical markets.