May 2014 - Becas Technology

May 23

Restaurant POS system enhances customer services with WIFI Samsung Note Ordering Terminals

Becas proudly celebrates its latest POS system installed at new franchise store of Gia Hoi chain at Sydney Darling Harbour. With new Samsung Note ordering devices (big screen 5.5 inches) , it helps the owner increase accurate and speed up ordering process during peak hours up to 200%. Becas helps restaurant entrepreneurs from new eating

May 23

Becas deploys Android Wifi Staff Pagers and Watches at Burwood RSL

Burwood RSL has joined Dooleys as the first two major clubs that deployed Becas Two-In-One (UHF Alphanumeric and WIFI Pagers) Poker Machine Paging system. Over the last 5 years, Becas has growing with more than 60 clubs that running UHF Alphanumeric Poker Machine Paging System. This system  become the most reliable, advanced and low running