January 2015 - Becas Technology

Jan 20

Restaurant POS System with IPAD Selfserve Mobile POS Ordering Terminal

Being one of the busiest restaurant, HolyBasil sees the need of updating their current POS system to another level. On the journey of seeking right helpers, HolyBasil chose Becas to develop a complete ordering solution using iPads to take orders.

Jan 20

Kitchen Display System (KDS) replaces traditional kitchen printers at Pho Vy

With a very wise strategy, Pho Vy decides to equip a Kitchen display system (KDS) for running staff. This KDS helps staff reducing patrol time and improve customer’s satisfaction to higher level.

Jan 15

Restaurant Booking & Waiting Queue SMS Notification System

Becas Queue Management Software (BecasQueue) helps restaurant increase revenue by reducing turn aways and no shows, it also maximized the filled tables in non peak hours. Restaurant Manager equipped an IPad that running BQueue. BQueue is a standalone system that requires no need of POS system interface. Customer will soon be notified by SMS when