About us

Becas was founded in 1999 by a group of software engineers and system integrators specialising in PC-based embedded control systems.

We have developed many embedded control systems for a wide range of industries: Road & Traffic Control (RTA), Railways (MTRC Hong Kong), Machinery Controls (Embroidery machines, CAD/CAM software, Bottle Filling and Capping Machines), SCADA software, Data Loggers, Network Wagering, etc.

Matthew Lien Tran, the founder of Becas, holds a BE (Bachelor Degree) in Mechatronics and a Master Degree in System Engineering at the University of Sydney (USyd) and Univeristy of NSW (UNSW). He first started commercial programming in 1995 with RTA as a subcontractor to develop the VSLS (Variable Speed Limit Signs) controller for M4 Motorway. His last programming job was with Tabcorp (as the Keno Bet terminal software developer) before he settled down to work for his own company in year 2008. Since then, he has developed software for POS terminals in many different industries such as Network Wagering, Hospitality, and Retailers for the last 10 years. Matthew has built a strong foundation for Becas’s core technologies.

After the first installation of the BECAS POS Software in 2005, the Point Of Sales system has become the fastest growing business of Becas. Becas is a major POS solution provider for many industries such as restaurants, quick service retailers, bars, pubs, night clubs, fast food chain, newsagents, supermarkets, fresh fruit shops, etc. A growing number of retail business owners have realised and recognised that our PoS systems have played an important role in the success of their business.

2010 has marked significant milestones in Becas history, including the release of the Orbit Poker Paging system, the complete web interface POS retail management system and the integrated Alarm paging system

In the beginning of 2011, Becas officially opened its subsidized business in Melbourne, Australia and District 3, HCM City, Vietnam. There was a growing demand of software outsourcing in Vietnam, fostered by the booming Vietnam economy, which lead to our Vietnam expansion.