Car Park Management / Access Control System

Perhaps everyone now a days talking about AI revolution. With massive amounts of computational power, computers can now recognize objects and its behaviours in real time. Artificial Intelligence is finally getting smart. BeParking is an Australian designed and manufactured Car Park Management System (CPMS) that implemented latest Computer Vision ALPR/ANPR/LPR (Auto License Plate Recognition/Auto Number Plate Recognition/License Plate Recognition) and Cloud Based IoT (Internet Of Things) technologies. The central control ALPR software engine run on Linux server plays the key role in robust and reliable BeParking system.

BeParking Smart Car Park Access Control System can be deployed in following applications:

  1. Airport,
  2. Hotel, Resort, Casino, Club
  3. Caravan, Camping Parks
  4. Residential, Commercial, Office Building
  5. Shopping Centre
  6. Hospital, Council Car Park

BeParking is a Smart Car Park Management System (CPMS) using Auto Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Technology

BeParking main features are:

  1. Utilizes latest ANPR and IoT Cloud technologies
  2. Robust and Powerful PC-Linux based Server, Ethernet Gate Controller Interface Unit and Becas CPMS management software
  3. Low cost Operation and Maintenance, near zero downtime
  4. Able to interface directly with venue’s existing Boom gate (or any Gate) Controller and IP camera installed at each car park gate
  5. Ticket-less multi-gates car park system and no need to swipe  or tap any member cards except when you make payment by credit card
  6. Cost effective solution as it can interface to your existing IP cameras and Boom Gate controllers, no expensive cameras required
  7. Scalable System, able to manage small car park with under 100 parking bays to multiple car parks with thousand of parking bays each
  8. Supports wide range of payment options: online payment, contactless (Tap and Go) payment at pay station, long term payment
  9. Supports Parking Payment by Phone App
  10. Cloud Based Software Supports Pre-Paid and Pre-Booking Parking On line
  11. Pay Station with Tap and Go Credit Card for smooth exit plus 12 inches Display Panel for advertisement
  12. Smart Intercom System able to open Gate remotely by Phone App anywhere, anytime using Cloud Technology
BeParking  system includes following main components:
  1. PC-Linux based BeParking Server with centre control ANPR Software
  2. Self Serve Indoor Cashless Pay Station for driver to check and pay for parking fee before Exit
  3. Self Serve Outdoor Cashless Pay Station at Exit gate with integration of Nayax VPOS terminal that allows driver to pay car park fee by tap/swipe  Credit Card/ or Phone App (Apple Pay/Ali Pay/ Monyx Pay)
  4. Intercom system integrated into Pay Station with remote monitor function, allow gate open remotely
  5. IP camera at each gate (Entry/Gate), more than one camera can be setup for each gate
  6. Boom Gate (Swing Gate, Slide Gate, Roller Shutter Gate) Controllers 

IP Bullet Camera Interface

Selection of suitable IP cameras to interface to BeParking system is time consuming task. There are so many IP cameras from many different surveillance cameras manufacturers available in the market, which one would best suit the CPMS system. Each IP camera when running will generate video stream and this stream will feed in the BeParking ALPR software service to process and analyse the picture to recognize the number plate if any.
There is no need to use expensive ALPR integrated camera, because the ALPR software engine already integrated in BeParking server.
The good camera will generate good quality high resolution picture frame in any condition like day time or night time.
After trial of several different models, we found out that several cheaper camera models can provide picture frame as good as more expensive cameras.
Here is the list of several camera models that interface well to BeParking system: Hikvision DS-2CD5A26G0-IZ, Geovision GV-TBL4710.
IP camera uses at each gate tested with high end  model of Hikvision like DS-2CD5A26G0-IZS at day and night time shows very high accuracy (above 96%).  The Geovision GV-TBL4710 has anti-vandalism IK10 protection.
At Entry Gate, car can move at speed limit between 20 – 40Km/h, BeParking still recognize the number plate successfully, that allows traffic at entry gate goes smoothly.

Web based management Software



The Web Interface Software can be hosted at local LAN network or Cloud based network and provides User Interface for manage all daily operations remotely such as check reports, check car park fee daily sales, check membership accounts, etc. The Cloud based Software provides interactive interface to Driver Phone App for Parking Payment and check parking status or any promotion from Car park Owner.

Indoor Cashless Pay Station

image_2020_03_17T07_14_42_671ZPetro kioskThe Pay Station is a 18- inches touch screen Windows OS Self Serve POS terminal. The driver enter his/her car plate number, the terminal will display the car park fee.The car park operation includes three different type of operations:


  • Member parking (Each tenant can have one free parking),
  • Pre-paid parking (Monthly, Quarterly) managed with Phone App
  • Pay each time parking

Pay Station software provides User Interface to manage all the functions.

The Pay Station equipped Credit Card Pin-pad and optional Cash (Note/Coin) Acceptor, after driver made payment by Card/Cash, driver will choose if receipt ticket printed out with SMS message, there is no ticket paper needed.

In case if any problem with Pay Station, there is SIP Intercom Button, Press the Button driver can talk to car park Operator through SIP VOIP (Voice over IP)

When exit car park, the outdoor display terminal will display the number plate with status Paid, Pre-Paid or Free Parking. The boom gate will open automatically if status Paid or Free member parking.

Outdoor Cashless Pay Station

The Pay Station housing 12-inches Windows/Android Panel PC, Credit Card Pinpad,  Intercom Push Button and Boom Gate Control Interface unit.

The Credit Card Pinpad will accept car park fee payment by Credit card/Phone App (Tap and Go), the receipt can be sent to driver mobile phone SMS. There is no receipt printer used, this is environment friendly feature.

Intercom Push To Talk button allows voice communication with on-site/off-site staff if driver need help, the call will send directly to staff mobile phone using Phone App.

Staff when received the intercom call, can access to BeParking CPMS Phone App to open gate from the button click on the app, that can be done remotely anywhere in the world.

Pay Station also housing the DC power supply and Boom gate controller interface unit.

Auto Gate Interface (Barrier/Boom/Slide/Swing/Rolling Shutters)


BeParking CPMS system can work smoothly with wide range of Gate options on the market, such as Italian made Bennica model EVA5, FAAC model B614 and B680, and BFT model Giotto.

Bennica EVA5 model is a 24 Vdc electromechanical barrier for intensive use with control panel with 433.92 MHz radio receiver and integrated battery charger.

Power range switching extended from 100 to 250 Vac, 50/60 Hz to reduce standby power to a minimum.

Integrated absolute encoder, which ensures greater precision in slowdowns and advanced control of the boom movement. Serial connection with SIS accessory data sheet, for fast and easy connection for operation in paired boom mode.

Option to install FTC.S photocells using concealed system so that they are perfectly integrated.

Safe performance and reliability
The FAAC B680H has a Hybrid heart which, together with its “everlasting” springs, allows it to exceed 2,000,000 cycles of continuous-use, raising 8 m beams in less than 6 seconds, in total safety, thanks to the reverse on contact feature.

The BFT Boom Gate model Giotto is available in 4 meter and 6 meter versions with the option of cutting the boom arm to suit your driveway perfectly.

BeParking Smartphone App


Becas provides smartphone app (IOS/Android) to assist drivers with many smart features:


  1. Prepay car park fee,
  2. View the parking fee transaction reports,
  3. Check spaces available before entering the car park
  4. Alert driver if free parking before time up 15 minutes

The BeParking App helps to smooth the traffic at the Exit boom gated, as drivers do not need to stop and pay at the pay station before their exits. Driver need to make sure enough credits for parking fee before exit.

Car Park Access Control System (CPAC)/ Gate Automation


Becas provides complete CPAC system with RFID/NFC card reader at each Entry and Exit Gate, Gate (Boom, Swing, Slide) Automation system, Becas Car Park Access Control software and contactless cards that programmed to allow individual building resident to access car park.

Becas Car Park Access Control Software is a set of Windows based and Web based server software that manage contactless cards with access card holders, view all the reports with the history of car In and Out time, etc.

Gate Automation system can be provided as Boom gate, Swing Gate, Slide Gate and Roller Gate from wide range of Gate Automation suppliers as BFT, FAAC, Bennica, etc.

Car Park Access Control system can be deployed with LPR cameras to provide full feature of car park access, for examples, resident versus visitor parking, fulltime versus casual staff parking, member card holder versus VIP license plate without card.

Recent Installation