One Stop Shop Solution for Casino/Club/Hotel/Resort

Becas products range from Point Of Sales (POS) Systems, Gaming Paging Systems, Bistro Guest Pager, Push to Call Paging, IP-PBX Telephony Systems, Smartphone Applications for Membership Loyalty and Advertisements

Becas provides cutting edge technology in Unified Communications based on the WIFI network. Becas Unified Communications (UC) Solution includes Data and Voice communication which can work seamlessly on existing WLAN networks with Integrated Data/Voice Smart Devices. Becas UC products have three core components: BeSmart Data Paging Server, Becas IP-PBX Voice Server and IOS/Android/Windows Smart Devices. Becas UC products are cost effective, trouble free and can improve venue operation and customer satisfaction by providing fast communication between front end staff, kitchen/bar staff, managers and security personnel. All patron requests will be queued and monitored. Notification of any security breach (eg open exit doors/fire doors) will occur immediately to the designated staff member.

WIFI Gaming Paging System

The BeSmart Paging System is a subset of the BeSmart Messaging System. The BeSmart Messaging System is a local host system that provides data communication based on events such as patron service request from gaming machines and security alarm activation. BeSmart Messaging System provides web interface to send messages from computers to pagers/smart phones and send SMS messages to off-duty employees. The BeSmart Messaging System is a complete Data Communication Server that can be tailored to suit any venue operation size. Becas successfully launched its new WIFI pager BeSmartWatch in the Sydney Club arena. The BeSmart WIFI Watch alerts the staff by vibration and sound when a new message has arrived. Venue staff (including Food and Drink Runners) enjoy working with the BeSmartWatch compared to traditional alphanumeric pagers.

DECT Phone/IP Phone

Voice Communication plays a vital role in the daily operation of casinos and clubs as most of their employees are mobile. There are several options for voice communication such as Radio and DECT phones used in casino and clubs. DECT phones have better sound quality compared to Radio Phone but it’s more costly to setup and maintenance is high as it is required to install base stations and repeaters across venue building for signal coverage. Another Voice Communication technology that has recently become popular is the VOIP phone. VOIP has a low investment cost as it does not need base stations and repeaters, instead it works with the venue’s existing WIFI network. Becas launched the BeSmart WIFI Telephony Server to provide voice communication on BeSmart WIFI phones and watches. Voice calls can be made between BeSmart WIFI SIP phones, watches and PSTN phone lines. BeSmart WIFI SIP phone is the best choice for club venues that would like to replace the costly DECT phone system. Mobile employees can now enjoy carrying a single WIFI Smart Device for both, Data and Voice communication.

Point of Sales

Becas has been developing and providing POS systems for the Hospitality, Club, Pub, Hotel, Retail and Service Station industry for many years. Becas POS system is a quick, user-friendly and secure Point Of Sale system. Becas POS software offers a rich POS solution that integrates many features like Inventory Management and Gaming Loyalty Interface. Becas successfully launched a series of Mobile Ordering Terminals based on a wide range of IOS/Android/Windows smart phones and tablets. The Becas Mobile Ordering Terminal Software is proven to be the most reliable and robust software in the market.

SMS/DECT/Email Messaging

The BeSmart Notification System integrates with a wide range of message receivers such as UHF Pagers, WIFI Smart Phones and Watches, SMS, Email, DECT phone and IP Phone. The wide range of events include Gaming Service Requests (Drink, Payout) and Alarms. Dry Contact Sensor Input Switches can trigger the delivery of pre-programmed and escalation messages to all integrated receivers mentioned above.

Bistro/Coaster Pager

By using the latest technology, Becas provides clubs with the most robust guest paging solution. These guest pagers give your staff the ability to enable a superior guest experience and provide top-of-the-line service. In addition, these pagers are extremely solid to work with in fast-paced environments.

Smart Phone/Tablet Apps

Becas is a leading app developer for the hotel/club/casino industry. The application (Android/IOS) can display all the information about the venue such as entertainment schedule, food services, promotions and more to members and guests. The application can also allow members to check their member status, points, and help them with booking their next trip with club courtesy buses.
BeSmart Paging App displays all service calls in waiting queues that helps staff to improve productivity by cut down travel time between the poker machines.


SimplePage is a simple wireless push-to-call button that provides direct communication between staff and players. The SimplePage is ideal for venues not equipped with a Gaming Loyalty system, and provides full alphanumeric paging communications to the gaming floor attendants. SimplePage is a non-PC solution and does not have any functions that include report generation, re-page and escalation paging unlike the BeSmart Notification system.

StaffCall UHF Watch Pager

The StaffCall Watch Pager is designed as the most convenient wearable pager for your paging system. Inform staff by sending detailed text messages right at their wrist.

With a restaurant server paging system your front-of-house and back-of-house are harmoniously connected. Enable seamless communication between servers, host, managers and kitchen staff. Becas paging systems provide discreet communications including vibration and alpha-numeric alerts.

Save on labor and maximize staff and server productivity with a server pager system. Connect your team with quick and efficient communication so they can deliver a great guest experience.