One Stop Shop – POS and Paging

Apr 2

BeSmart All-In-One Poker Machine Paging System getting more popular with Four Installations in one month

Becas has commissioning BeSmart All-In-One (Alphanumeric and WIFI)  Poker Machine Paging Systems at venues Bexley RSL, Cabramatta Bowling, Shoalhaven Exservos, Shoalhaven Sports clubs. One of the feature the clubs see the most useful is that any text message can be sent from any computer to any wifi phone pagers, like staff at Reception can send

Jan 20

Restaurant POS System with IPAD Selfserve Mobile POS Ordering Terminal

Being one of the busiest restaurant, HolyBasil sees the need of updating their current POS system to another level. On the journey of seeking right helpers, HolyBasil chose Becas to develop a complete ordering solution using iPads to take orders.

Jan 20

Kitchen Display System (KDS) replaces traditional kitchen printers at Pho Vy

With a very wise strategy, Pho Vy decides to equip a Kitchen display system (KDS) for running staff. This KDS helps staff reducing patrol time and improve customer’s satisfaction to higher level.

Jan 15

Restaurant Booking & Waiting Queue SMS Notification System

Becas Queue Management Software (BecasQueue) helps restaurant increase revenue by reducing turn aways and no shows, it also maximized the filled tables in non peak hours. Restaurant Manager equipped an IPad that running BQueue. BQueue is a standalone system that requires no need of POS system interface. Customer will soon be notified by SMS when

Nov 28

Service Station POS System interfaced to Forecourt Controller POSTEC PCC4

Becas has installed new BecasPOS POS system for Chester Hill Metro’s Service Station. BecasPOS interfaced to Forecourt Controller POSTEC PCC4. BecasPOS has many features that help the service station keep up with busy daily operation such as account management, inventory management, feature rich reports,  promotion, loyalty management. BecasPOS Service Station can interface with number of

Aug 12

Becas showcased the state of the art WIFI Poker (Slot) Machine Paging System at AGE Exhibition 2014

Becas specialises in POS and Paging solution for Hospitality industry. With Club Gaming Paging Solution, Becas has revolutionized the poker machine paging solution with two-in-one UHF Alphanumeric Pagers and WIFI Pagers (such as IOS IPhone/Ipad, Android Phone, Smart Watch). The firm has offices in Australia, USA & Vietnam. “With over 60 clubs on our VIP gaming/paging

May 23

Restaurant POS system enhances customer services with WIFI Samsung Note Ordering Terminals

Becas proudly celebrates its latest POS system installed at new franchise store of Gia Hoi chain at Sydney Darling Harbour. With new Samsung Note ordering devices (big screen 5.5 inches) , it helps the owner increase accurate and speed up ordering process during peak hours up to 200%. Becas helps restaurant entrepreneurs from new eating

May 23

Becas deploys Android Wifi Staff Pagers and Watches at Burwood RSL

Burwood RSL has joined Dooleys as the first two major clubs that deployed Becas Two-In-One (UHF Alphanumeric and WIFI Pagers) Poker Machine Paging system. Over the last 5 years, Becas has growing with more than 60 clubs that running UHF Alphanumeric Poker Machine Paging System. This system  become the most reliable, advanced and low running

Feb 18

Alarm Notification Paging System

Becas has launching BeSmart Alarm Paging System that can be used for Alarm Notification application. BeSmart send alert message to pagers, smartphones, SMS, email. The BeSmart Alarm Notification System can be used in following applications: SCADA Alarm Notification: SCADA stands for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. SCADA systems monitor and control large scale industrial processes and