Poker Machine Paging System

BeSmart Gaming Paging System (GPS) is a complete Staff Messenger System

The BeSmart Poker Paging System integrates directly with all Gaming Loyalty Systems to alert Gaming Attendants when an event arises like a payout or drink request. All events are queued to ensure that the first patron to request service, is the first one attended to. Calls rotate evenly to all attendants who are logged on to the system. Attendants receive messages via RF pagers, DECT Phones, mobile phones (SMS) and/or notifications on WIFI enabled Smart Phones. At Becas, we commit continuously to R&D and apply the latest technologies to our software and products. The latest BeSmart system has come a long way since the release of its first version in year 2010. Becas has in-house software developers that can provide customized software features to suit every request.

Interface to major Gaming Servers.

WIFI Pager (Smart Phone iPhone 5S)

BeSmart GPS able to send paging messages to wide range of devices: UHF Pagers, WIFI based smart devices such as Smart Watch, Smart Phone (IOS/Android), Tablets (IPad/Windows Tablet), SMS, Email, Dect Phone, SIP Phone, etc. With WIFI-based smart devices, Text-To-Speech Voice Alert also integrated.

The WIFI Watch Pager provides a very handy way for Drink/Food runners to receive the paging service calls at their wrist (Vibration/Beep/Voice Alert). This watch uses WIFI connection with the BeSmart Server and doesn't need to be paired with phones to work.

The WIFI Phone Pager come with Becas Paging App that provides advantage features compared to UHF pager. While UHF pager can alert one call at a time, the phone pager can display whole list of all patron calls in real time. The list of service calls split in separate queues depend on how many staff active in the shift assignment.
Staff when viewing list of service calls can improve response time by cut down travel time between service points, and therefore improve customer satisfaction.
The Phone Pager has other advantage features as Text To Speech so message can be alert as Speech and the pager can be paired with AirPods for more convenience.

StaffCall IQ UHF Pager (Belt Clip)

When your team is linked, your business thrives. With a restaurant server paging system your front-of-house and back-of-house are harmoniously connected. Enable seamless communication between servers, host, managers and kitchen staff. Becas paging systems provide discreet communications including vibration and alpha-numeric alerts.

Save on labor and maximize staff and server productivity with a server pager system. Connect your team with quick and efficient communication so they can deliver a great guest experience. UHF Pagers are still popular as its robust, loud sound alert and battery last several days.

The UHF Pagers working on UHF (Ultra High Frequency) frequency range from 450 - 470 MHz and support POCSAG protocol.

StaffCall UHF Watch Pager

With Watch Pager, kitchen staff can tell servers when orders are ready, eliminating the need for runners. Managers can receive reminders when critical tasks should be done, assign those tasks to individuals through the device, and be alerted when they are completed. BeSmart Paging Server will also track who completed the tasks, enabling cleaning and maintenance tracking and logs. A host could also tell a server that a VIP is sitting at a specific table or if guests are celebrating a special occasion—all part of providing a great guest experience.
The UHF Watch Pager provides a very handy way for Drink/Food runners to receive the paging service calls at their wrist (Vibration/Beep/Voice Alert).
The UHF Pagers working on UHF (Ultra High Frequency) frequency range from 450 - 470 MHz and support POCSAG protocol.

DECT Phone/IP Phone

BeSmart GPS fully integrates with DECT phone and IP phone, BeSmart GPS can send text messages to DECT/IP phone handsets. DECT phone/IP phone is an integrated voice/text device anywhere in the venue as long as WIFI/DECT signal coverage reaches to. While DECT phone works on its own frequency and base stations need to be installed across buildings, IP phone works with existing WIFI network, therefore cost of installation and maintenance of DECT phone is much higher than IP phone. IP phone is cost effective solution and become widespread use in clubs/casino/resort. Another advantage of use DECT phone/IP phone is its battery last very long compared to smart watch; After fully charged both can work minimum of one or two days.

Web based User Interface

The BeSmart Reporting module allows any authorised user to generate real-time reports quickly and efficiently. These reports can be exported to Excel or printed as a PDF with ease. Now you can monitor attendant performance, busiest times, days, zone areas and much more from any PC on the network. This will allow you to monitor productivity and efficiency, as well as assisting in scheduling rosters, as you will know when your quiet and busy times are throughout the day.

Scalable System

BeSmart is a highly scalable system which suits any budget. It supports a combination of Traditional Alphanumeric Pagers and WLAN Pagers. The BeSmart Paging System is the first paging system that supports both traditional alphanumeric pagers and WLAN handheld smart device (Ipod/Iphone/Ipad/Android/Tablet) pagers. This feature makes the BeSmart Paging Server more affordable, for small clubs (with less than 100 poker machines) and large clubs (with thousands of poker machines). The BeSmart Paging Server can handle hundreds of service calls per second, perfect for all size clubs and casinos.

Net Paging (Multi-site/Multi-buildings paging)

BeSmart Paging/Notification System equipped with multiple LAN UHF Transmitters, that allows messages to travel across multiple buildings, multiple sites at the same time (hospitals, schools, clubs, casinos). Any emergency or critical messages (from Fire Alarm, Terrorist, etc.) will be sent nearly instantly to all staff, students, patrons, etc. smoothly, quickly and safely throughout building complex.
For club venue that has multiple sites, and currently operating Aristocrat System 7000, a single BeSmart Paging System can send messages to all sites. That reduces investment cost and running cost significantly.

How to choose BeSmart Paging Products that best suit your venues

Becas introduced its first Alphanumeric Poker Machine Paging System since 2010. Over the last few years, BeSmart Paging System has gained good response from major gaming venues. BeSmart has been built on the robust Linux platform with low investment and running costs. The latest version of the BeSmart Poker Machine Paging System supports WIFI Smart Phone Devices, It becoming the game-changing signature product of Becas. It revolutionized the club operation, increasing club revenue and patron satisfaction. BeSmart Paging System has four versions and can suit any budget and venue size. Do not be scared away with Becas latest WIFI Pager technology as It is actually more cost effective solution compared to UHF pager because it utilizes the existing WIFI (WLAN) network of your venues.

BeSmart SimpleCall Paging System

The SimpleCall Paging System is best suited for small gaming venues with 50 or less poker machines or if the gaming venue doesn’t have a Loyalty Gaming System. Simply attach the push button transmitter to the poker machine and with a press of the button, it will send the drink/service call directly to alphanumeric pagers.

Victoria Gaming Venues is the best business example of using SimpleCall Paging.

BeSmart Alphanumeric Paging System

The Alphanumeric Paging System is a PC-based system, which provides many functions such as
.Staff Paging
.Rich Reports
.Touch screen User Interface
.Web based User Interface
.Goal Setting
.Repeat Paging
.Escalation (3 tier Diversion)
.Priority Paging (VIP Paging)
.Multiple Zones
.Net Paging
.Auto time tables.

Net Paging (with Becas LAN Transmitter) is best suited for gaming venues with multiple buildings, like the Aristocrat Dacom 7000 system.

BeSmart Wifi Paging System

Becas first introduced its BeSmart WIFI Paging System in December 2013 and became the first WIFI Paging System ever installed in a major club in Australia. The launch of the WIFI Paging System was a great success as the system revolutionized the way large gaming venues dealt with numerous customer requests. The advantages of WIFI Paging compared to traditional UHF Alphanumeric Paging includes:

.Displays all machine waiting calls on SmartPhone device (the Alphanumeric pager display one call at a time only)
.Reduces system down time
.Reduces need for maintenance support.

Our major club clients that have installed the BeSmart WIFI System have reported that they have reduced the patron waiting time for machine drink calls from over 3 minutes to just one minute. This means an increase in club revenue and patron satisfaction, ensuring customer retention. As well, in over one year, there was no system downtime leading to no loss of income.

BeSmart All-In-One Paging System

The All-In-One Paging System combines all the hardware and software components of Alphanumeric and WIFI in one system, meaning you have all the features of both systems. Staff also have more choice to choose which pager best suits them, ranging from Alphanumeric Pagers, iPhones, iPads, Android Phones and Smart Watches. Staff will be able to do their work more efficiently with a stylish smart device.