Table Locating System

Restaurant Table Locating System

Increase the efficiency and manageability of your restaurant with Becas new Table Locating system. Table Locating System is a restaurant table location system that identifies where guests are sitting so food runner can deliver food faster.

Table Locating system been developed to replace the table number plate in restaurant, where after patron paid for his/her meal order, been given table number plate. When the meal ready, staff will walk around try to find where patron sitting and deliver the meal. In the large venues, that might cause some problem, like it take longer to locate patron seat and the meal getting cold when delivered. Becas Table Locating system is the automatic location system, soon when patron sitting and leave the table tracker unit on the table, the system will display the table number on its LCD monitor in the kitchen. After the meal delivered, the table number will be removed from the monitor screen.