Push to Call Staff

Notify staff with a simple wireless call button

SimplePage is developed to provide direct communications between staff and patrons. The SimplePage is ideal for small venues (like hotel) not equipped with a Gaming Loyalty system, and provides full alphanumeric paging communications to the gaming floor attendants. There are two solutions that reflect how the wireless button can be used. The first solution is the cost effective solution, which no PC and no software involved; Press the wireless button will dispatch the paging message to the staff, no queue handling, no escalation and no reports. The second solution is integrated PC solution with the use of transceiver, press the wireless button, the signal will be sent to the transceiver and then to the PC. This solution is with Becas paging software, will provide queue handling, escalation, reports and moreover the PC can send the paging message to smart watch, smart phone over WIFI.

Real-time communication

No computer or software required

Supports up to 999 gaming machines

Superior 4 watt transmitter for longer range

Improved customer service

Reduction in machine downtime


Becas Push-to-Call systems are suitable for point of service call like in restaurants (Table Call), bars, public vending machines, poker machine calls (Club/Hotel)

Poker Machine Simple Push Button

When your venue is small (less than 30 EGM gaming machines) and does not have loyalty gaming system in place, the simple Push-To Call button attached on each poker machine can send service request to RF alphanumeric pager. This simple solution does not need the PC or software and therefor the best cost-effective solution. The monitor receiver can be put in the Bar area, it display all the calls from gaming machine with different colour depend on different waiting time.

Coaster Call Button

Instantly contact staff with our long range, reliable wireless call buttons. Our call buttons are ideal for quick, high volume, one-way communication.

We understand how critical your communication needs are. That’s why we take our push button transmitters seriously. Offering the best range and coverage in the industry, we use 12 FCC Shared License Frequencies for “Hassle Free” legal operation with no interference.

Our push button paging systems are great for restaurants, retail, grocery stores, manufacturing facilities, church and school classrooms, stadiums, arenas and more.

Advanced Staff Paging System UHF-IOT (UHF and IoT Technologies Combination)

Becas launching advanced but simple paging solution with perfect combination of old UHF wireless technology and new IoT cloud service that allows the message sent from any wireless call buttons to appear on any smart Phone as a SMS message through cloud service.
If you already have a UHF wireless system installed, you already half way to deploy this advanced technology.
UHF-IOT technology can be used for aged care, health care and any alarm notification service providers. With a Push-To-Call button, the call for help will be sent to Health care/Security Operator smart phone, where-ever they are.

Restaurant/Hotel/Resort Point of Service Call

There are many applications to apply Becas Push To Call staff service in Hospitality industry, like Table Call (Service, Bill) in restaurant table service, Beach chair service call in beach resort, etc.

Vending Machines

Becas Wireless Call Button can be applied for many application as vending machine, poker (slot) machines, TITO machine, Cash redemption terminal, any self serve kiosk, etc.
Staff can receive the calls from UHF pagers or Smart devices as iPhone, iPad, Smart watches.

StaffCall Watch Pager

The StaffCall Watch Pager is designed as the most convenient wearable pager for your paging system. Inform staff by sending detailed text messages right at their wrist.

With a restaurant server paging system your front-of-house and back-of-house are harmoniously connected. Enable seamless communication between servers, host, managers and kitchen staff. Becas paging systems provide discreet communications including vibration and alpha-numeric alerts.

Save on labor and maximize staff and server productivity with a server pager system. Connect your team with quick and efficient communication so they can deliver a great guest experience.

Push to Call System