Industrial Alarm Notification System

Time Critical Messaging/Notification System

BeSmart Notification System is an alarm messaging system that dispatches time critical messages based on activation triggered by events. BeSmart can apply for many industries and scenarios like hospital nurse calls, smoke alarms in building management system (BMS), mechanical/electrical machine failure in manufacturing and full waste tanks in factories. The BeSmart System can deliver alerts in a wide range of mobile receivers like RF Pagers, WIFI Smart Phone Applications, SMS, DECT phones and Email. BeSmart System can be used as both an on site and off site notification system. On-site Alert Notification devices includes pagers, Public Announcement (PA) systems, Horns, Flashing Strobes, Speakers. Off-site Alert Notification devices includes SMS and Email. When interfaced to Fire Control Panel, BeSmart System immediately notifies the designated fire marshals exactly where the fire alarm has been activated. They then have a short time (agreed with the local Fire Service) in which to establish the validity of the alarm, prior to it reaching the “Call Out “ status. That prevents unnecessary evacuations due to false alarms.

SCADA Industrial Alarm

The BeSmart Alarm Paging System (BAPS) can interface to any SCADA system using OPC (OLE) protocol or any customized protocol through Serial or TCP/IP interface. When Alarm Inputs from SCADA system are activated (from the temperature of a process control reaching its set point, a closed contact relay), SCADA Alarm Module will send an alert to the BAPS Server. BAPS Server will then send the pre-programmed alert message to designated UHF pagers, WIFI Smart Phones, SMS, Email, etc.
BAPS server can interface to major SCADA systems as WinCC, Citect, Wonderware, etc.

Third Party System Interface or BeSmart API Library

The BeSmart Notification System can easily interface to existing third party system/software as we are the software developer and system integrator. We can develop software interface based on Serial, TCP/IP protocol or third party API library such as XML-RPC, REST API, or any third party can interface to BeSmart with BeSmart API library.

We have a long list of third party system/software that already interfaced to BeSmart System: Loyalty Gaming System (IGT, Ebet, Aristocrat), EFTPOS (Tyro, PCEFTPOS, Quest), BMS (Building Management System with BacNet protocol), HotSOS (Hotel Service Optimization System), Service Station Forecourt Controllers (POSTEC, Enabler), Ascom DECT Phones, and any Alarm System.

Case Study 1: PMP Printing has installed BeSmart Notification System to deliver critical messages in case of machine failure, full trade waste tanks in their printing factory.
Case Study 2: Ivanhoe Hotel Manly has installed BeSmart Notification System for its 60 push buttons notification for internal communication such as security incident, cellar stock control, delivery notice, etc.
Case Study 3: School Campus Weipa QLD has installed BeSmart Notification System to monitor its 40 sensors, mostly motion detectors across its buildings.

Data Logger/Data Acquisition and Remote Monitoring System

BeSmart DataLogger is a PC-based Linux System, running with MySQL database, web-based User Interface and 320 GB Hard drive data storage. The DataLogger can be used as a general off-the -shelf or customized data (analog and digital) recording device. The DataLogger can provide up to 1000 Digital Inputs, 128 Analog Inputs.
BeSmart Datalogger can be used in many industries such as mining, offshore oil drilling, waste water treatment plant, industrial, construction, manufacturing, process management and traffic management.
BeSmart Datalogger provides web based user interface to monitor all digital and analog inputs in real time with both text and graphical reports.

Case Study: MTR Railway Hong Kong chose Becas to install the BeSmart Datalogger to record noise level from under the bogie of the train when the train moving. The Datalogger interfaces with the train computer control system to map the noise level data versus the location of the train.

Alarm Voice Dialer/SMS/IoT Notification

This is a simple and cost effective alarm solution for many situations such as: Security, Burglary, ATM Alarm, Fire Alarm, Equipment Malfunction, Environmental Warning. The device provides up to 8 digital inputs or up to 8 dry contact sensor interfaces. In case of an alarm or triggered event, the alarm message (prerecorded voice message or data) can be auto dialed to a dedicated phone or pager. In this product series, Becas provides three different products that depend on what device is going to receive alarm messages. IoT (Internet of Things) is a new technology alarm system that sends the alarm message to phone app (Android/IOS) anywhere, anytime when alarm input triggered through cloud based service.

Nurse Call Paging System

Becas has launched the new BeSmart Nurse Call Paging System that can be used for Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Health Care Centers. BeSmart Nurse Call System is the most advanced Embedded Control System Becas ever built. The stand-alone BeSmart Server can support up to 1600 patient bed-side call buttons. The network (Ethernet) of BeSmart Servers can support nearly unlimited call buttons, so the system can suit small to large hospitals. When the patient needs help and uses the bedside call button, BeSmart will automatically light up the LED light in front of the patient room front door, then the alert will be sent to designated nurse pagers. BeSmart provides three levels of escalation if the patient has called but was not responded to in defined time.

Security Notification System
Security Notification SystemSecurity Notification SystemSecurity Notification System