Car Park Guidance System

Parking Guidance System (PGS)

Parking Guidance System helps drivers to find parking easier, improves customer parking experience, reduce traffic congestion and carbon emissions when drivers driving around to search for available parking bays.

Parking Guidance System includes two primary components: Vehicle detector (Ultrasonic and Video Camera) at each parking bay and Variable Message Sign (VMS) LED sign to display number of parking bay available at each level or whole car park.

Parking Guidance System (PGS) can be used in following car park applications:

  • Airport
  • Casino, Club
  • Hotel, Resort
  • Shopping Centre
  • Residential, Commercial Building
  • Hospital, Council Car Park

The main benefits of PGS system are helping driver finding available parking bays and locate the parking bay when driver return. If the parking data were allocated in the web portal or phone app then driver can self serve all their parking needs.

Here are main benefits:

Maximized car park profitability and revenues (up to 15% higher turnover)
Eco-friendly facility and parking ventilation cost saving
Illegally parked vehicles detection – more available space for real clients
Reduced traffic jams by elimination of stuff cheating in toll parking’s
Provision of statistic information about parking time, usage, turnover for marketing purposes

Ultrasonic Sensors

Ultrasonic sensors utilizes high-frequency sound waves to detect the presence of vehicle.

Ultrasonic sensor works by sending out a sound wave at a frequency above the range of human hearing. The transducer of the sensor acts as a microphone to receive and send the ultrasonic sound. Our ultrasonic sensors, like many others, use a single transducer to send a pulse and to receive the echo. The sensor determines the distance to a target by measuring time lapses between the sending and receiving of the ultrasonic pulse.

When a vehicle moves in or out of parking bay, sensor will send this parking status data to PGS server.

PGS Server then send parking update data to display on VMS LED sign.

Video Parking Guidance System (VPGS)

The video parking sensor can detect vehicle and also scan vehicle number plate. When integrated video sensor to VPGS system, it helps driver to find where their parking and even pre-book the favour parking spot. If you first time drive into the large car park, some time you forgot where you parking. With the VPGS (Video Parking Guidance System) you need to let parking operator know your license plate, and they can pinpoint exactly where your vehicle parked.

The VPGS (Video Parking Guidance System) also enhances security of the whole car park.  VPGS offers added CCTV coverage of all car park spaces. This additional coverage doubles up as round the clock surveillance to offer drivers a peace of mind and greater security.


VMS LED Signage

Indoor Digital Signage

The indoor VMS signages can be installed in the main entrance of each level of the car park or the intersection to other levels of the car park. The VMS signages display the number of parking available at each level of car park.

Outdoor Digital Signage

The VMS LED signages can be installed at the main entrance of the car park and display the number of parking available at each level of car park. Driver has accurate real time parking information to make decision either skip or enter the car park and help reduce traffic congestion and carbon emission and also save time.