Intercom System

Professional Security Intercom system

Becas is aHDP-5240PT-1_L leading provider of Intercom system for many Access Control application like Cash Room in Club, Casino, Residential/Office Building, Factories, etc.

Becas IT5240 is a SIP Door Phone with PoE feature. It supports H.264 video compression format and delivers excellent picture quality in 720p HD video resolutions at 10~30 frames per second (fps). It also supports HD (High Definition) voice and G.722 codec that relax bandwidth limitation and provide clear communications. It provides the flexibility and control required for high-quality property complex visitor management, property protection, intercom, and message service.

All Becas SIP Intercom system can work with IP PBX gateway to allows voice communication over existing telephone line network.

Key features:


  • See/Talk visitors with High Definition Video & Voice
  • Unlock the door with an RFIDRemote DTMF or Local Password
  • Control Communication and Security over Internet


  • HD camera with infrared light and night vision
  • IP65 for rigorous environment
  • Supports several ways of opening door: DTMF, password, RFID card, switch
  • -20 to 60 degrees C operating temperature

Video and Audio

  • Maximum resolution 1280 x 720 @ 30fps
  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) is featured on speaker path
  • Adjustable brightness, contrast and volume settings
  • HD voice using wideband G.722 coding produces clearer sound
  • Barge-in and calls can be switched automatically

Network and Configuration

  • Standard IETF SIP protocol (RFC 2361)
  • Compatible with the Asterisk IP PBX systems or various platforms
  • Compliant with IEEE 802.3at/af PoE interface for flexible deployment
  • VPN, VLAN, QoS, 802.1x, HTTPS, TR069 and auto-provisioning

Easy Installation and Management

  • Hands-free intercommunication
  • Have peace of mind from being able to see, hear and speak to your visitors before opening the door
  • Conveniently unlock the door for visitors without having to go to it

Becas provides wide range of SIP Intercom system

Wide range of intercom system to choose from compact size (150 x 80 mm) with or without camera, keypad, card reader (NFC), etc.