Smart Access Control

Access Control System with Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition become very popular nowadays, particular we use face ID to access our smart phones and other smart devices. Facial Recognition has quickly become the emerging technology for property access control system.

Becas is a leading provider of Intercom system for many Access Control applications like Club, Casino, Smart Building, Smart Home, Smart Office, Fitness Centre, etc.

Becas BACS31 is a powerful 3-In-1 Access Control Scanner (Facial Recognition, Contactless Card and QR code). With QR code scanner, BACS31 is the primary component for many of online booking applications such as Hotels, Caravan Parks, Camping Parks and BOPIS (Buy Online Pickup In Store) access control management. Becas Access Control Management server software can be customised to interface to any existing online booking software.

BACS31 can also be used for BOPIS (Buy Online Pickup In Store) application. Customer order online given a QR code for the order. When order is available for pickup, customer drives to the store, scans QR code at Entry Gate to enter the reserved Pick up parking. Staff will be notified for customer arrival, and deliver the parcel to customer car.

Intercom Button incorporates with Cloud Service and Phone App

Intercom button when it support cloud service it become game changing solution to reduce running and maintenance cost to monitor your properties, your venues 24/7 non stop. Staff with Becas Phone App can receive the intercom calls anytime, anywhere and can grant or deny access through Phone App, no need to stay in front of computers 24/7.

The Facial Recognition Access Control that can measure body temperature.

BACS31 can recognized up to 20,000 faces, 20,000 contactless ID cards and QR codes. It also can detect and alert high body temperature so access control system can reject access of the person to the premise.