Staff/Employee Realtime Messenger System

Realtime Critical Messaging System

In order to successfully manage a manufacturing plant, the venue requires instant information from many different areas and situations. This includes notifications for material stock level (Do you have enough stocked materials for production?), machine down time (Bottle filling conveyor stopped working), wasted materials, slowdown in production line, emergency calls missed (like fire alarm, worker injury). Operations and Production Managers need this information instantly in their smart phones, tablets, smart watches, pagers wherever they are, onsite or offsite, in order to make quick and informed decisions. Becas launched the BeSmart Real Time Messaging System that integrates a wide range of wireless communication technologies such as SMS (GSM Carrier), WIFI (Wireless LAN), UHF Radio Paging, etc. Nowadays, all employees have smart phones, and the BeSmart Server can deliver real time data to the smart phone even though the phone’s GSM carrier is offline. WIFI messaging plays a vital role in the BeSmart Messaging Server. The BeSmart Server can interface to PLCs, SCADA, Alarm System or third party software providers (like Inventory and Production Management Software) to deliver notifications to smart phones in case of event trigger, low stock, low quality.

Hotel/Resort BeSmart Guest Service Enhancement Messenger System

In the hotel industry, increasing customer satisfaction plays a vital role in the success of a business. Ensuring guests enjoy their stay requires an immediate response to their varying needs. Immediate responses require effective communication between all department employees such as front desk, housekeeping, engineering (IT, electricians, plumbers), managers and security. The communication need to be fast, accurate and well managed. Customised for the Hotel industry, the BeSeeMe solution includes a complete range of software from Web-Based interface software, where front desk staff can view all customer room requests in real time, to a range of smart phone and tablet (IOS/Android/Windows) applications that empower housekeeping staff to register faults such as toilet blockage, broken lights/air conditioner and mixed up check in and check out messages. BeSeeMe advantages go beyond other Hotel Management software as it has two main advantages: the capability to interface to a wide range of third party systems such as alarm systems, BMS (Building Management System) and PMS (Property Management System). The second advantage is the ability to deliver time critical messages to a wide range of wireless receivers: pagers, wifi phone apps, dect phones, sms and email. It can interface to PMS (Property Management System) to deliver even more efficient data with check-in/check-out processes and customer database. For example, your venue can alert room service staff to put up more towels based on customer request history from PMS system. With the auto message feature, BeSeeMe not only dispatches messages automatically but also manages staff response time of the message until the customer request is completed. For example, if a customer calls front desk asking for more towels, front desk registers the customer request to BeSeeMe, BeSeeMe dispatches the message to housekeeping. The request will be monitored and escalated to higher level management staff if the request is not completed within the set waiting time.

StaffCall UHF Pagers & SMS Message

The StaffCall UHF Pager is designed as the most convenient wearable pager (Belt Clip) for your paging system. Inform staff by sending detailed text messages right at the pager screen with combination of Beep/Vibrate/Flashing alert.

With a venue server paging system your front-of-house and back-of-house are harmoniously connected. Enable seamless communication between servers, host, managers and kitchen staff. Becas paging systems provide discreet communications including vibration and alpha-numeric alerts.

Save on labor and maximize staff and server productivity with a server pager system. Connect your team with quick and efficient communication so they can deliver a great guest experience.