Integrated Smart Parking Solution

BeParking - Smart City On-Street Parking Solution

One of most valuable assets of any city is its parking spaces. Becas designs and develops new state of the art solution for On-Street parking management solution. The new technology utilizes wireless magnetic vehicle sensor, IoT technology and Smart Phone Apps. The Smart Parking solution helps reduce traffic congestion and carbon emissions as reduce time drivers driving around to find parking, foster economic development and improve urban mobility, and increase parking revenue. Drivers only pay exact amount for their parking time, the remain payment will be credit back to driver account. For Smart City urban planning, when number of electrical vehicles (EV) on the road continues to rise. The installation of EV charging station on curbside is not a story of fiction movie, it's in real life. Integrate the parking bay available along with EV charging station in real time map will bring an enormous relief for drivers. Councils can also generate more revenues for the parking bay with integrated EV charging station.

BeParking - On-Street Smart Parking Solution

BeParking system is a state of the art IoT (Internet Of Things) parking solution that allows parking lot owners, home owners, car park owners to turn empty spaces to revenue. The way BeParking system works is simple. Each parking spot installed a wireless vehicle sensor. When a car parking or leaving the parking bay, the sensor will send the changed signal to Becas Cloud service. Driver can make parking fee payment through Phone App. BeParking Phone App has two versions: One for Enforcement Officer and One for Driver. When Driver parking in the registered spot, a SMS notification sent to Enforcement Officer Phone App. Driver after parking will scan QR code (Parking Bay ID) attached to the curb side and enter License Plate through BeParking App. If Driver not registered the parking spot and arrange payment through BeParking App or parking meter within allowed time (15 minutes), an alert notification will be sent to Enforcement Officer Phone App and a fine ticket can be issued right at the spot. BeParking system can be used for smart city council control on-street parking. Drivers save money as they can pay for exact time of their parking. BeParking App also helps drivers to find available nearest parking spots in real time and alert driver when the paid parking time nearly expired (15 minutes) if Driver chooses Pre-Pay option.

Enforcement LPR Vehicle

Becas designs and develops Enforcement LPR Vehicle (ELPRV) solution for Police Patrol Car and Council Parking Enforcement Vehicle. The cutting edge ELPRV solution integrates Becas ANPR Software engine (99% accuracy), Cloud Services and Phone Apps (Pay Parking by Phone App, Council Enforcement Phone App). The ELPRV helps Police Patrol Car detect cars in black list like stolen cars and helps Council Parking Enforcement Vehicle detect overstay vehicles.

Barrier (Boom Gate) Free/ Ticketless Car Park System

Unlike conventional car parks, the Smart Car Park does not require physical barriers at the car park entry/exit points or physical payment/ticketing systems. Through Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology, vehicle licence plate details can automatically be detected and captured upon entry, and as the vehicle travels through the car park. The vehicle information is recorded on the Integrated Parking Management System (IPMS) and connect to Cloud Server. Cloud Server provides those data of the vehicles that overstayed to Parking Officer for infringement ticket.

This allows parking fees to be automatically calculated and billed to the motorist via a mobile app, minimising service-related issues and revenue loss due to equipment downtime, while enabling smooth vehicle entry and exit through the car park and an improved customer experience.

Restaurant/Retail Buy On Line Pickup In Store (BOPIS)

As COVID-19 pandemic affecting the habit of shoppers, there is increase in demand of shopping ’Buy Online, Pickup In Store’ (BOPIS). Big retailers like Amazon, Harvey Norman, Bunnings Warehouse had (BOPIS) options that saved time and keep safe distance as customers stay in their cars while waiting to collect their orders.
When customer car arrived and parked on the reserved BOPIS pickup spot, staff will be notified by pager and deliver the parcel to customer car.

Restaurant Curbside Valet™ To Go Pickup

Improve service wait time and promote your restaurant’s to-go service with Curbside Valet™. Get an alert when a customer arrives and deliver their order immediately, hot and fresh. Some club venues, airport car park, hotel car park offer valet parking service for their VIP patron members. When patron car arrived and parked on the reserved spot, staff notified patron arrival or leaving (to collect their car).